Whose Tracks In The Snow?

Alexandra Milton

A great natural history picture book introducing children to animal tracks.
An informative and special picture book by the author/illustrator of Who is in the Egg?
Hares, ducks, foxes, deer and more.

In the huge big field, there are tracks in the snow. Who left the tracks in the huge big field? A fast-running hare, speeding back to his home.

  • Publication date: 3rd November 2022
  • Age range: 3-6 years
  • Dimensions: 273mm x 250mm 32 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-914912-07-8

RRP £11.99

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"Made with shredded and torn handmade paper and colored pencil, the spreads are filled with gorgeous textures, encouraging the eye to pore over not just the tracks, but the animals’ habitats as well."
– Kirkus

"It's a book that begs to be shared with young children."
– Jo Bowers, Just Imagine