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‘Shortlisted for Read it Again!’

– The Cambridgeshire Children's Picture Book Award

New York Public Library's Best Books for Kids 2016

How Much Does a Ladybird Weigh?

By Alison Limentani

Have you ever wondered how much a ladybird weighs? What about the weight of a snail? A bird or even a swan? In Alison Limentani’s extraordinary and original picture book she introduces us to a fascinating world of numbers, weight and wildlife.

An extraordinary counting book from an extraordinary new talent!

Author/illustrator information:
Alison Limentani has always been fascinated by wildlife. She has a degree in Animal Behaviour and worked as a zookeeper before training as a veterinary nurse. She is passionate about drawing animals, and sharing her knowledge about them.

7th July 2016
3-6 years
245mm x 245mm 32 pages

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