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Here is a debut picture book that not only deserves to be examined closely, but also stood well back from and gazed at in awe.

– Bookseller

This book is a delightful puzzle for a small reader and it ends in a good joke. On the way, there is much to marvel at in the intricate beauty of the animal world so intensely conveyed in Alexandra Milton's stunning illustration.

– Books for Keeps

Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2010

Call Me Gorgeous!

Written by Giles Milton
Illustrated by Alexandra Milton

Call Me Gorgeous! is a fun, stylish book about a very, very strange creature. It has a porcupine's spines and a crocodile's teeth, a chameleon's tale and a cockerel's feet. What on earth could it be? Uncover this mysterious and fabulous beast through Alexandra Milton's stunning collage. With spectacular illustrations and humorous text, Call Me Gorgeous! is a feast for the eyes and a puzzle for the mind.

October 2011
2-5 years
284mm x 254mm 32 pages

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