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Delightfully expressive.

– Pittsburgh-Tribune Review

The large illustrations, done in graphite stick and watercolor paints, are lively, fresh, and expressive... Any child beset by the hiccups will empathize with this not-so-scary character.

– School Library Journal

Shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize

The Scariest Monster in the World

Written by Lee Weatherly
Illustrated by Algy Craig Hall

Once there was a very, very scary monster. His fur was wild and weird, he carried a giant club with bristles on it and his teeth were green and mossy because he never, ever brushed them. All the other animals ran away when he came stomping through the forest. But when that scary monster started to hic, he just couldn't stop. What would he do to get rid of those pesky hiccups?

June 2011
2-5 years
284mm x 254mm 32 pages

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