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...the sheer size of the planet’s largest animal is awe-inspiringly clear in her stunning presentation...

The intricate prints of sea creatures are beautifully matched with cool, saturated colors, and the appearance of a scuba-diver adds a nice additional reference for scale... the concepts are crystal clear in the artwork… idea for the picture book set.

— Booklist

How Long Is a Whale?

By Alison Limentani

Have you ever wondered how long a whale is? What about a shark, a dolphin or even a sea otter?

In Alison Limentani’s second extraordinary and original picture book she introduces us to a fascinating world of numbers, length and wildlife.

April 2017
3-6 years
9 5/8" x 9 5/8" 36 pages
$14.95 Can. $16.95

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